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Issue-Based Initiatives

Recognizing the demonstrated record of the people of Kosovo in nurturing close ties between different faiths—peaceful relations between Albanian Muslims and Catholics, the preservation of Serb orthodox heritage, and the protection of the Jewish people during WWII—the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took the lead in reaching out to faith leaders by launching a series of initiatives intended to foster interfaith dialogue between faith communities, civil society, and ecumenical and academic institutions. 

This artillery of initiatives is also instructive towards normalizing interfaith relations locally, which have been weakened during the past decades.


  • “Milvian Bridge” Conference
  • “Faith and Reconciliation: What is the Future of Interfaith Dialogue?,” Conference
  • The Week of Tolerance and Reconciliation: engaging global audiences, bringing domestic faith communities closer
  • Stone for Peace Ceremony
  • South East European Breakfast Prayer Ceremony
  • The Unveiling of the Holocaust Memorial
  • Celebrating the Jewish Heritage of Kosovo
  • Religion and Foreign Policy Summer School
  • The Destruction of Islamic Heritage in the Kosovo War 1998 – 1999
  • Interfaith Dialogue at a Time of Social Media: Enabling Agents of Change, Countering Violent Extremism & Hate Speech