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Strategic workshop on online recognition of Kosovo takes place

Prishtina, 5 March 2012 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo has organized a workshop on strategic planning for capacity building and on ensuring an independent presence of the Republic of Kosovo in global communication networks.

Organized and supported by the MFA, international and local experts from the field of internet communication and telecommunication were brought together to discuss various aspects of strategic planning for Kosovo in the internet. 

In the workshop moderated by MFA Deputy Minister, Petrit Selimi, representatives from the Ministry for Economic Development, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Telecommunications Regulatory, other internet organizations and activists in Kosovo and foreign advisors, discussed about modalities of an integrated approach for drafting of a national strategy for internet recognition and communication. 

On this occasion, Deputy Minister Selimi pointed out the need for inter-sectorial cooperation in order to meet the objective of full and independent presentation of Kosovo on the internet. 

Experts Kushtrim Xhakli and John Horniblou presented various aspects for the increase of Kosovo’s presence online, while former Assistant Deputy Secretary of State, Michael Parmly, will be engaged in the integration of projects and initiatives for a more effective approach to push the diplomatic agenda of Kosovo forwards also on the internet. 

The workshop covered three fields: state online public communication strategy, state website strategy for the recognition of Kosovo and strategic planning for Kosovo’s application for an independent suffix and internet address.  

Present in the meeting were also other advisors from the US, United Kingdom and former high ranking officials from the State Department who offered advice on the approach and intensification of public and private activities towards improving of Kosovo’s image online and the recognition of Kosovo on online services and also the internet infrastructure from the benefits from the internet management organization ICANN.

Representatives from the Ministry for Economic Development and TRA briefed the participants on the work done so far by the institutions and the political blocks posed to this process. 

The participants also discussed in a video conference with ICANN consultants from California who presented the most updated information on the application process for new domains. 

The participants agreed on the next immediate steps for the approval of the national strategy on online recognition.

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