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Minister Hoxhaj consoles family Von Habsburg

Munich, July 11 – Among the many personalities both from Germany and the other countries from Europe and around the globe, the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, attended today at the commemorative gathering of the remnants of the Austro-Hungarian empire family, Otto von Habsburg.

On this event, on behalf of the institutions and of the people of the Republic of Kosovo, Minister Hoxhaj offered condolences to Von Habsburg family stating that the people of Kosovo share the pain with them.
Minister Hoxhaj greatly regarded the figure of Otto von Habsburg who was also a voice of the sufferings of the people of Kosovo during the ‘90s.

“Otto von Habsburg was a great friend of Kosovo. In times of great hardship, he conveyed to the citizens of Kosovo the message of freedom. He was a strong voice of the difficult situation of Kosovo. Later on, Von Habsburg became a great defender of the idea of our independence” said Hoxhaj.

Minister Hoxhaj added that Otto von Habsburg, like no one else, has embodies the history of the European Union and has fought for the democracy and the freedom of the Balkan nations.

Otto von Habsburg passed away on July 4 in “Villa Austria” in Pöcking am Starnberger See of Germany’s Bavaria. He was the oldest son of the Arch-Duke Carl, the late Austrian emperor, the Hungarian king and of the Arch-Duches Zita, born in Bourbon-Parma.

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