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Deputy Foreign Minister Anton Berisha reacts to Serbian Patriarch: His statements are conclusions of regret and out of spirit of the feast

Prishtine, 04 January 2018 – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Ambassador Anton Berisha, reacted to the statement of Serbian Patriarch Irinej that the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOCh) cannot imagine Serbia without Kosovo.

 Berisha said that the Serbian Church does not have the ethnic monopoly of Christianity nor the historical right in Kosovo, so the interview on Christmas of the Serbian Patriarch Irinej that the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOCh) cannot imagine Serbia without Kosovo, that Kosovo is old Serbia, from which the rest of Serbia was born and his statement that "Kosovo is Serbian history, its culture and spirit, that Prizren was the capital city of the Serbian people and Patriarchate of Peja, a residency of Serbian archbishops and patriarchs" are conclusions for regret and out of the spirit of the feast.

Berisha further said that referring to the occasional historical contexts is an attempt to present the colonialist periods of Serbia in Kosovo as a historic right belonging to the Serbian people excluding Albanians as residents of these lands and denying their culture including that of Christians.

‘'Religions are universal in its nature and any subjective and marginal interpretation of Christianity as an ethnic Serb monopoly in this region is a malicious tendency contrary to the sublime need to protect the cultural heritage of Kosovo. This SOCh logic is not in line with the historical reality or the current factual situation, since Kosovo has been liberated from Serbian colonization, is an independent state in which all its citizens have their civic, ethnic, cultural and religious rights guaranteed", stated Deputy Foreign Minister, Ambassador Anton Berisha.

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