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Hoxhaj at the Dubrovnik Forum: Kosovo, an example of prevention of external threats

Dubrovnik, 01 July 2017 – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Enver Hoxhaj on the second day of his visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia, attended the Dubrovnik Annual Forum.

At the Dubrovnik Forum in Croatia, in which the main topic was peace, stability and security in the Mediterranean, it was commonly noted that Kosovo is an example of its successful state-building in the internal plan and its regional and international engagement in the prevention of external threats.

In the first panel discussion of this forum, Minister Hoxhaj spoke about the security and stability in the region, as well as about the security challenges that are currently in place.

Hoxhaj stressed that there are still outstanding inter-state problems among certain countries in Southeast Europe, including the relations between Kosovo and Serbia, the dispute between Macedonia and Greece about Macedonia's name, etc.

In his speech, Minister Hoxhaj stated that there are some risks which may affect the stability of Southeast Europe, such as increase of nationalism, fragile institutions and poverty, whereas, on the other side, information warfare and false news are also vulnerable to security and stability in the region.

These risks can be combated through strong institutions and with the help of civil society and the media, said Mr. Hoxhaj.

During his two-day visit in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Mr. Hoxhaj, in addition to Dubrovnik Forum, attended the Summit of the SEECP.  

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