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MFA refute Serbian media news: Are part of malicious campaign aiming at damaging Kosovo's image

Pristina, 6 May 2017 - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs refuted the recent writings in Serbian media for alleged entrance of armed groups from Kosovo to Macedonia.

The MFA relying on information provided by security institutions informs that the writings of last few days are untrue, malicious and tedious acts aimed at destabilizing the region. They are part of a false news campaign aimed at damaging Kosovo's image.

Any attempt, by whomever, to present Kosovo as a generator of instability and insecurity, is tendentious and solely serves to the accomplishment of certain agendas which aim at destabilisation of the region and hindering the Euro-Atlantic processes for which Kosovo and its citizens are oriented 

These tendencies, to present Kosovo as unstable and uncertain country, have intention of creating a negative picture for our country not only in terms of security but also an attempt to hit vital interest such as economic development, foreign investment, Regional partnership, new recognitions and the democratic and multiethnic character of Kosovo.

The MFA assures its citizens and partners that the Kosovo Police and security institutions are constantly proactive with concrete measures and actions throughout the country in order to provide security and guarantee the stability of the country.

Thanks to these commitments and demonstrated professionalism of security institutions over the years, Kosovo is not only a consumer of security and stability but also an involved regional and international actor.

In addition to many operational activities, Kosovo Police in the framework of the Integrated Border Management process has an excellent day-to-day cooperation with Macedonia's responsible authorities along the border line and conducts regular meetings with the presence of KFOR troops. Consequently, such concerns have never been raised regarding the Serbian media's false writings behind which stand the official policy of the Serbian state.

The Kosovo government and security institutions continue to be committed in fulfilling their mission for security and stability in Kosovo, as well as being in constant partnership with the countries of the region and beyond to address the potential dangers in Kosovo or in the region.  

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