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Murtezaj: Kosovo is interested in creating favorable environment for foreign investments

Prishtina, April, 3 2017 – Under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo today commenced the first two-day session of the Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation between Kosovo and Hungary.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Valon Murtezaj recalling that this meeting is the result of continuous efforts of both countries to deepen economic cooperation between Kosovo and Hungary, emphasized that this session confirms the commitment of countries to advance ideas and visions, and to support the country’s development initiatives.

“As new state we have made good progress, we have advanced in many fields. Of course we have challenges as well. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo is committed to make all necessary reforms to become part of Europe. To create the appropriate environment for foreign investments and to ease the climate for doing business in Kosovo”, said Deputy Minister Murtezaj.

While he added that, “Kosovo’s vision is peace and development; dialogue and cooperation. We are committed to European integration path. Europe is not complete without Kosovo”.

On the other hand, the State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Levente Magyar while praising this meeting of special importance, he called for further deepening of relations between both countries, while mentioning current cooperation between Kosovo and Hungary.

“We have many achievements together as two countries, and our governments communicate very well to each other. The next milestone that should be mentioned are twice a week direct flights Prishtina - Budapest with WizzAir Company, afterwards we have reached an agreement for 62 million soft loan, with zero percent interest rate for the investment in infrastructure, energy, sport and waters management projects. We also have 50 students from Kosovo that are continuing their studies each year in Hungary”, said Magyar.

In the framework of the works of this commission are submitted presentations by the representatives of the Agency for Investment and Enterprise Support in Kosovo (KIESA) and the National Chamber of Commerce of Hungary through which are invited Hungarian investors to invest in Kosovo. The joint inter-state commission is the result of deep cooperation between Kosovo and Hungary which resulted in the signing of many agreements between the two countries. The works of the committee will continue tomorrow.  

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