490 - Politika | Ministria e Puneve te Jashtme

British Ambassador to Kosovo


Diplomacy is increasingly operating in a changed world.

It is a world where, as Foreign Secretary William Hague has underlined, relations between states are no longer monopolised by Foreign Secretaries or Prime Ministers. There is now a mass of connections between individuals, civil society, businesses, pressure groups and charitable organisations which also form part of the relations between nations, and which are being rapidly accelerated by the internet.

Digital footprint of Kosovo’s Digital Diplomacy

The out-degree parameter, which indicates the amount of ministries with whom one ministry has contact, is of paramount importance in this network as the higher a ministry’s out-degree
score, the greater its ability to disseminate information throughout the network. 

Kosovo ranks high in this field due to explosion of Twitter usage by the Ministers of Kosovo government. The country with the highest out-degree is Iceland followed by Sweden, Israel,
Norway, Russia, Poland, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Brazil and Peru. (from a study by Ilan Manor, Twiplomacy)