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Gërvalla on an official visit to Albania, meets with her counterpart Xhaçka and they agree on concrete cooperation in the field of diplomacy

Tirana, 18 October 2021- The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Donika Gërvalla, is staying for an official visit in Albania. She started the visit by meeting her counterpart, Mrs Olta Xhaçka, with whom they held a joint press conference.

On this occasion, Minister Gërvalla stressed that the institutional ties between Kosovo and Albania are a continuation of the spiritual and brotherly ties of citizens on both sides of the border which will be kept strong at all times.

"Together with Minister Xhaçka we discussed how to create new forms of cooperation for our citizens, in both countries. Our two countries are inextricably linked and we as politicians are expected to live up to the needs of our citizens for cooperation. Here we can only ask the question if we are the generation of politicians who will live up to the fulfillment of these needs because the citizens are clear about what they want", said Minister Gërvalla.

During the meeting, the parties agreed on the need to oversee the implementation of joint agreements and agreed to deepen cooperation on many points of common interest. The need for joint diplomatic representation in different countries of the world was stressed.

The two chief diplomats also agreed to work on providing joint consular services to the citizens of both countries around the world.

Even the exchanges of diplomats of both Foreign Ministries were deemed necessary to take place soon. They also found it necessary to create a serious offer for members of the diaspora which is interconnected, including learning the Albanian language and various cultural activities.

During the conversation, Minister Gërvalla, expressing gratitude for the unreserved support of Albania to Kosovo at any time and in any sector, stressed that considering the fact that Albania will be part of the Security Council in the next two years, it is extremely necessary to intensify cooperation strategically between the two countries in order to help Kosovo strengthen its subjectivity.

In this regard, Minister Xhaçka stressed that Albania will do everything possible, without any reservations, to advance the processes related to the empowerment of Kosovo, membership in international organizations and achievement of new recognitions.

The interlocutors agreed that the cooperation, the current agreements and those that will come, go in the function of strengthening the relations between the states and our citizens who will have easier cooperation between them.

"Both countries are guided by the national interest to deepen political, economic, social and cultural interaction and to advance the process of integration into the European Union, in the service of peace and stability," Gërvalla added.

Among other things, Gërvalla focused on the European integration process and its difficulties. In addition to the commitment of both countries to fulfill the European agenda and achieve the goals in this journey, she said that there are meaningless delays and procrastinations which are not in the hands of Kosovo and Albania.

"Although Albania is still waiting for the Intergovernmental Conference with the EU for negotiations, Kosovo has been waiting for years for the completion of the visa liberalization process. We have done everything that should have been done for these processes but the decision-making is up to the EU. However, I emphasize that we are committed to continue working with other reforms that await us on the road to EU integration, focusing on strengthening the rule of law, equality and better welfare for citizens," she added.

In the meeting that the two chief diplomats had, they also talked about regional issues.

At this point, Minister Gërvalla reiterated the commitment of the Government of Kosovo to reach joint agreements for the benefit of citizens in the framework of the Berlin Process, which, having the EU within, offers greater security and stability than any other initiative for Western Balkan countries.

On her part, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Mrs Olta Xhaçka, reiterated the unreserved support of the Republic of Albania towards Kosovo in all sectors, especially in the commitment to strengthen international subjectivity.

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