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Minister Haradinaj-Stublla strongly condemns the resumption of the campaign of Serbia against Kosovo

Serbia continues its destructive campaign against Kosovo despite the commitments made, both in Brussels and in Washington.

Despite the commitments made in the Agreement on Economic Normalization, Serbia not only fails to adhere to them, but openly violates commitment 15 of this agreement. The latest case is that of 9 January, when the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Selakovic, who in a meeting with the Ambassador of Qatar to Belgrade, directly asked “Qatar not to lobby for Kosovo”.

The fact that the term "lobbying" also means lobbying for recognition, we consider that this request of the Serbian Foreign Minister is another violation of the Washington Agreement, namely its point 15 which explicitly requests Belgrade to stop the formal and informal campaign against the statehood of Kosovo.    

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora has continuously spoken with regard to the violations of the agreements reached with Serbia both in the dialogue mediated by Brussels and for the commitments of the Agreement reached in Washington. Serbia has not only violated the Washington Agreement, but is acting explicitly against it. Recently, the President of Serbia Vucic inaugurated the “Balkanstream” gas pipeline in the presence of the Russian Ambassador to Belgrade, a project constantly criticized by Secretary Pompeo as an “instrument of the Kremlin” for increasing Russian influence in the Balkans.  


Also, the latest statement made by Selakovic is Serbia's latest attempt to lobby against Kosovo in the Middle East, recalling former Minister Dacic publicly extending his gratitude and stating their support to Palestine for not recognizing Kosovo, shortly after the signature of the agreement in Washington.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora also expresses concern over more than 33 technical agreements reached in Brussels, which continue to be flagrantly violated by Serbia. Serbia has not functionalized the border crossing points with Kosovo, the agreement for the opening of the bridge over Iber River, while it has arrested and detained the citizens of Kosovo Nezir Mehmetaj and Blerim Maqastena for no reason, violating every letter of the agreement on freedom of movement, while also smuggling uncertified products in the north of Kosovo, in violation of the Agreement on Certification of Pharmaceutical Products.


The constant threatening, racist and chauvinistic language of the Serbian leaders reveals the true face of Serbia in relation to Kosovo and the international community. With its continuous actions against Kosovo and the Washington Agreement, Serbia proves to be an unreliable and uncertain partner.

The Republic of Kosovo, as an independent state, is interested in reaching the final agreement of mutual recognition with Serbia, respecting the territorial integrity, constitutionality, unitary character and sovereignty of Kosovo, in close cooperation with the constant efforts of the US and the EU with regard to the mediation and finalization of the Dialogue process.

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