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Minister Haradinaj-Stublla welcomes the signing of the agreement on American investment incentive in Kosovo


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla, welcomed the agreement signed with the United States of America on Investment Incentive, describing this as evidence of the strong alliance between the two countries.


“The main strategic relationship of the Republic of Kosovo with the United States of America is further deepened today upon the signing of the Investment Incentive Agreement, which, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, we proposed and approved at the Government meeting on 7 October 2020”, said so Minister Haradinaj-Stublla.

She adds by stating that this agreement signed today by the Government of Kosovo and the US Government, affirms the common desire for the much-needed American economic activities incentives in the Republic of Kosovo that promote the development of economic resources and capacities of the Republic of Kosovo, increase employment, prosperity and well-being of the citizens of Kosovo.


The Kosovo Chief Diplomat says that this agreement also enables the concretization of commitments for economic projects of the Republic of Kosovo and the Government of the United States of America, undertaken in the Agreement dated 4 September 2020 in Washington D.C.


"God bless the United States of America as they are the cradle of freedom and prosperity, who stood by Kosovo always.

"God bless Kosovo and its true friends", said so Minister Haradinaj-Stublla.


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