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Kosovo, supports its allies, condemns Iran's military attacks on US bases in Iraq

Prishtina, 10 January 2020 - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo condemns Iran's military attacks on US Army and Coalition bases in Iraq, and considers it a grave act of aggression against the United States of America, Iraq and regional and international stability.

The First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, who is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli, stated that the current regime of Iran, with its recent actions is proving that they pose a threat to world peace and security.

"Iran must immediately put an end to the provocations and eliminate any form of aggressive action in the region that would escalate the security situation in the Middle East," stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

As always, the Republic of Kosovo stands with the United States of America and other Global Coalition allies in the fight against terrorism, committed to working for a safer world for all.

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