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The Francophone weeks in Kosovo, Pristina and five cities of Kosovo officially opened with numerous activities

Prishtina, 5 march 2019 – Through a Joint Media Conference in the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the presence of senior representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports as well as representatives of Francophone Embassies in Kosovo, the Francophone weeks in the Republic of Kosovo are officially opened.

The official opening was made by the General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Albert Prenkaj, and the Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Mrs. Burbuqe Berisha, from Kosovo, while representatives from the French speaking countries were presented with speeches, the Ambassador of the Republic of France in the Republic of Kosovo, Didier Chabert, of the Swiss Confederation, Jean-Hubert Lebet, and the Chief of the Belgian Mission in Kosovo, Jean-Louis Servais.

 "It is a pleasure for me to welcome you here today, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to officially open the Francophone Weeks. I would like to thank the Embassy of France, Switzerland and Luxembourg, the Belgian Liaison Office, and especially the French Alliance, which made this year's films, theatrical performances, conferences, literary meetings and concerts embellish this country with the beautiful sounds of the French language, "said the General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Prenkaj

"What makes this event even more special this year unlike last year, is that today, Kosovo welcomes the Francophone Weeks as an associate member of the International Organization of Francophone, and as an observer in the Parliamentary Assembly of Francophony. This could never have been achieved without your strong support, so I take the opportunity to thank you again, "he added.

Further on, the Ambassador, French Chabert, Swiss Lebet and Belgian Mission Representative in Kosovo, Servais, spoke about the cooperation between the Republic of Kosovo and the Francophone Organization as well as the many activities that are expected to be held in our country.

The Francophone weeks this year start from March 5-31, 2019 in Pristina and five other cities of Kosovo. The planned events, as part of the Francophone Week, are organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture of Youth and Sports and in cooperation with the embassies and diplomatic representations of Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Hungary, Czech Republic and the French Alliance Pristina University and Frankofone University Center

Kosovo is part of the International Organization of Francophone (OIF) since November 2014 and for more than four years has been a remarkable progress in aligning with the structures and programs of this Organization. At the 17th Francophony Summit, which was held in Yerevan, Armenia in October last year, the member states of the International Organization of Francophonie unanimously voted for the Republic of Kosovo to advance its status in this organization, from observer in associate member..



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