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The workshop under the topic “Colonial Aspect of the Kosovo’s History” is held

Prishtina, 28 February 2019 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, respectively the Office of the General Director held the workshop under the topic: “Colonial Aspect of the Kosovo’s History.”

This workshop was opened by the Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr Çerkin Dukolli, whereas the main speakers were: Prof Dr Qerim Qerimi, a Lecturer at the University of Prishtina, an Author of many books and scientific papers and a Representative in the Kosovo Team in the Kosovo’s representation process to the International Court of Justice, and Prof Dr Ibrahim Berisha, a Lecturer at the University of Prishtina, a Sociologist and the Author of the well-known book “Death of the Colony”.   

In the roundtable, it was considered that the way Serbia treated Kosovo during the entire last century is well documented and during the period 1912-1999, Kosovo and its population of Albanian majority was subject to systematic violation of human rights and the Serbian colonial exploitation, by continuously treating it as colonial property, wherein the Albanian population was denied its right for independence and management of its natural resources.

It was highlighted in the meeting that this was the first time that this part of the Kosovo history was addressed and supported institutionally and such activity may serve in the future as a platform for further researches in this important topic and in implementing relevant priorities of the MFA.

A considerable number of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials attended this workshop.


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