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On the fifth anniversary of annexation of Crimea by Russia, Kosovo remains steadfast in its support for the Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty

Prishtina, 27 February 2019 – On marking the fifth anniversary, when Russia invaded Ukraine, it occupied Crimea unlawfully and forcefully, it breached the international principles and its obligations, including the United Nations Charter, the Helsinki Final Act 1975 and the Paris Accords 1990, the Republic of Kosovo remains firm in its strong support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, including its territorial waters and it objects the Moscow’s statements of sovereignty over Crimea.

Kosovo and other peace-loving countries, which are committed to international law and order cannot remain silent to the Russian statements of annexation of this Ukrainian sovereign territory, as it cannot remain silent while Russia continues systematic and unjust mistreat of Crimean Tartars.

Kosovo expresses its deep concern regarding the deterioration of repression in the occupied Crimea by Russia and calls upon Russia to stop such abuses and to release all Tartars from Crimea and other citizens from Ukraine (around seventy), who have been arrested wrongfully and as revenge for their peaceful disagreement.  


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