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Kosovo is granted the application for the status of the associate member in Francophonie, by the Council of Ministers of Francophonie

Yerevan, 9 October - The plenaries of the Francophonie Conference in Yerevan, Armenia, have started. In the framework of these plenaries, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Behgjet Pacolli, with members of the delegation, this morning met the Speaker of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Francophonie, Jacques Cahngonn, and the General Secretary of the Parliamentary Assembly, Jaques Krabal. 

During this meeting, it was discussed about the intensification of cooperation with the Francophone countries, while the top diplomat of Kosovo, Pacolli, expressed his gratitude for the support for obtaining the status of the associate member of the Francophonie Organization.  

Further on, the Minister Pacolli expressed optimism that Kosovo will receive the status of Associate Member of the Francophonie Organization at the Presidential Summit.

“Kosovo is interested in developing good cooperation relations with the members of the Francophonie Organization,” said the Minister Pacolli.

From his side, the President Chagnon offered the organization’s full support for the process of normalizing the relations with Serbia.

In addition, the second top Government official thanked the interlocutors for the support to  UNGA regarding Kosovo’s aspiration for membership in international organizations, while providing our country’s support for the initiatives of the Francophonie Organization at the level of regional initiatives and in general.

During the day, the Minister Pacolli is expected to meet delegations of non-recognizing countries, in order to discuss the request for recognition and for establishment of cooperation.


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