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Foreign Minister Pacolli meets the German Foreign Minister, Heiko Mass, bilateral and multilateral issues are discussed

New York, 27 September 2018 – In the framework of dozens of meetings conducted with his counterparts from recognising and non-recognising countries, the Kosovo Chief Diplomat, Behgjet Pacolli, on Thursday met the Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, in an official  bilateral meeting in the seat of the German Mission to UN.

During this meeting, the second top Government official initially thanked and expressed his gratitude to the German Chief Diplomat about the role of his state in all processes our country has been going through.

“I met the German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, for the second time during the UNGA. In this official meeting that we had in the seat of the German Mission to the UN, I expressed by gratitude to my counterpart for the German role to stop genocide, to state-building of Kosovo, to hospitality of the largest Kosovo diaspora, completely integrated in his country,: said the Foreign Minister Pacolli.

Afterwards, both speakers discussed about the course of the dialogue with Serbia and the role of the German State in this process.   

“I informed the Minister, Heiko Maas, about the course of dialogue with Serbia and he reconfirmed the standing of Chancellor Merkel, who views the final solution in compliance with European values, as a stabilising solution for both countries and the region in general. I requested a greater convergence of Germany with the USA in relation to dialogue, taking into account that his country is a European Union leading country,” said the Minister Pacolli.

In the following, the second top Government official requested the German support in the visa liberalisation process, membership to Interpol and recognition of Kosovo driving licenses.  

“I requested the support for visa liberalisation, Interpol and recognition of Kosovo driving licenses. The Minister Maas guaranteed that quick actions will be taken in regards to these issues and according to the model Germany adopted with Macedonia. Germany, as always, remains the greatest supporter of Kosovo and we cannot think our progress without the support of this friendly country and Chancellor Merkel!” declared the Foreign Minister Pacolli. 

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