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The Minister of Foreign Affairs Behgjet Pacolli in separate meetings requested from his counterpart of Somalia, the President of Palau, and of Benin to establish diplomatic relations and cooperation in international organizations, which request were responded positively

New York, 25 September 2018 – The afternoon of Tuesday continued with several other meetings of senior level for the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Behgjet Pacolli.

The aim of these meetings is to intensify bilateral and multilateral cooperation with countries that recognized Kosovo, starting with establishment of diplomatic relations and determining an agenda with the joint steps among international organizations.    

Therefore, he met the President of Palau, Thomas Remengesau Jr and had a very friendly and courteous meeting. The President of this state of Pacific that recognized Kosovo in 2009 was requested to establish diplomatic relations and cooperation among the international organizations, which request was responded positively. 

Afterwards, the second top Government official of Kosovo had an official meeting also with the Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia Ahmed Isse Awad, with whom he discussed about establishing diplomatic relations very soon, conducting a visit to Prishtina, as well as bilateral cooperation.

The Deputy Prime Minister also had a friendly meeting with the President of Benin Patrice Talon, in which meeting the Foreign Minister of this African country, Aurelien AGBENONCI, participated.

“I am very grateful for your predecessor, President Thomas Bony Yayi, for his prompt decision to recognize Kosovo during my previous visit in 2011. We successfully supported Benin by lobbying in the US administration to include it in the Program “Millennium Challenges” and we would like to cooperate in the future, by firstly establishing diplomatic relations.”   

Mr. Pacolli invited the President of Benin to visit Kosovo, which invitation was accepted with pleasure. Such request of the head of Kosovo diplomacy was welcomed by the President of Benin, who assigned his Foreign Minister to visit Kosovo and to establish diplomatic relations and to prepare a presidential visit to our country.   

The two statesmen also discussed about cooperation in international organizations, such as Francophone and Interpol.   

Yesterday, the Foreign Minister, Behgjet Pacolli, was also part of the Kosovo delegation together with the President Thaçi and the Prime Minister Haradinaj in the meeting with the US Deputy Secretary of State, Wes A. Mitchell.

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