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Foreign Minister Pacolli asks for recognition and support for membership to INTERPOL from Ethiopia and Morocco

New York, 25 September 2018 – In the framework of numerous meetings being held during the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly, Kosovo’s top diplomat Behgjet Pacolli during today’s afternoon met with senior representatives of two other states not recognizing the Republic of Kosovo, respectively the Prime Minister of Morocco, Saadeddine Othmani and the Foreign Minister of Eithiopia, Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu.

During these two separate high-level meetings, the second top Government official initially informed the interlocutors with the recent developments in the country, region and beyond, while repeating the request for recognition of Kosovo and in line with this he also asked for the support of these two respective states for the country’s membership in International Organizations.

The Foreign Minister Pacolli, during the day, met some counterparts from different states, including those from the region, Europe and other continents.


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