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Pacolli: Albania should assist Kosovo in its all integration processes

Pristina, 14 September 2018 – The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli today hosted his counterpart, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania, Ditmir Bushati.  

In such event, the Minister Pacolli cordially thanked the Minister Bushati for the continuous support that the Albanian State has been providing for the Republic of Kosovo. The agenda of the meeting between the two Ministers was focused on identification of issues on which cooperation could be deepened, and proposal of steps for addressing mutual challenges in the field of foreign policy and diplomacy.   

In the framework of discussions, the Minister Pacolli highlighted that further affirmation of the international position of the Republic of Kosovo, including also the strategic objective in relation to joining international organizations, implies the necessity for coordination of actions and intensive support by the Albanian state and diplomacy.    

The Minister Bushati was of the same opinion with the Minister Pacolli that the issues such as membership to organizations like the UNESCO, INTERPOL, the support in concluding the visa liberalization process, cooperation in the framework of exchange of experience and know-how in relation to regional organizations, deepening of cooperation in regards to expansion of diplomatic presence, require intensive cooperation and coordination between the two countries in all levels.

Moreover, during the meeting, there was also discussion about the importance of support by the Republic of Albania to the Republic of Kosovo in the dialogue process for a Comprehensive Agreement. In this bilateral meeting, the Minister Pacolli emphasised the importance of extending the economic integration between the two countries, with special emphasis on increasing the trade volume, in which regard, it was highlighted that it is important to reduce custom, infrastructure and technical barriers. 

In the press release, the Ministers emphasised that they agreed to address the above-mentioned issues at the level of cooperation, at professional and technical level within the working groups, so that they can be concluded successfully in the meeting between the two governments in November 2018. 

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