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Foreign Minister Pacolli at the Dubrovnik Forum asks for support for membership to INTERPOL

Dubrovnik, 1 September 2018 - The First Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli, in the framework of his participation at the Dubrovnik Forum met with the Foreign Minister of Malta, Varmelo Abela.

In the framework of this bilateral meeting, it was initially discussed on issues of common interest between the two countries.

In the following, the Chief Diplomat Pacolli asked his counterpart to support the country’s membership process at International Organizations, with particular emphasis to INTERPOL membership.

Moreover, the Minister Pacolli has urged Malta to continue supporting Kosovo both in the political affairs and in the overall development through the transfer of good experiences from their country.

From his side, the Foreign Minister of Malta, Abelo emphasized that Malta will continue to support Kosovo in its path in the similar way, while in reference to the request to INTERPOL, he said that Malta will take over to discuss with some friendly countries that have not recognized Kosovo and will seek their vote in favor of Kosovo.

At the end of this meeting, the Foreign Minister Pacolli invited Minister Abelo to visit Kosovo.

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