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Deputy Minister Vuniqi meets with her Estonian counterpart, asking for support for membership into International Organizations


Dubrovnik, 2 September 2018 –  In the margins of the Dubrovnik Forum meetings and with the aim of depending bilateral relations and ensuring broad support for the country’s membership in International Organizations, in particular the INTERPOL process, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rejhan Vuniqi, met her Estonian counterpart for European Affairs, Matti Maasikas. 

During this meeting, both interlocutors assessed the relations between the two countries, emphasizing the need for their further establishment and expansion.

In the following, the Deputy Minister Vuniqi thanked her counterpart for the support she has given to the state of Kosovo, requesting the continuation of support for the visa liberalization process as well as the European integration process. 

From his side, Mr. Maasikas assured Deputy Minister Vuniqi that Kosovo will continue to have the support of Estonia wherever his country can help.

At the end of this conversation, the Estonian Deputy Minister was also interested in the progress of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, requesting that the solution that would be achieved should be stabilizing for the region.

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