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Foreign Minister Pacolli delivers a lecture in Vienna, before the joint meeting of the EU and Western Balkans Foreign Ministers

Vienna, 31 August 2018 – The First Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli, upon invitation of the Member of the European Parliament, Lukas Mandl, who is also a Chairman of the Austria-Kosovo Friendship Association, delivered a lecture on the current developments in Kosovo in “the House of the European Union in Vienna.”

In his speech, the Minister Pacolli thanked Austria and it citizens for the ongoing support in affirming the Republic of Kosovo in the international arena and in empowering its state-building.

The Chief Kosovo Diplomat, Pacolli presented a decade overview on general developments of the country, focusing also in internal and external challenges of the Republic of Kosovo. 

“The Independence of Kosovo is a reality and an undeniable fact. The Republic of Kosovo presents a success story, not only in the commitment of the international community, but also of the cohabitation among its citizens of different ethnical and religious belonging. These 10 years include an enormous success, with which we should definitely be proud of,” added, among others, the Minister Pacolli.

By making reference to the European path of the Republic of Kosovo, the Chief Kosovo Diplomat added that the yesterday’s vote by the majority in the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) to waive the visa regime for Kosovo, is the best evidence of determination and commitment of the Republic of Kosovo in fulfilling its entire commitments, objectives and obligations deriving from the Integration process.   

“Europe presents a type of mosaic, which will not be complete without the integration of the Republic of Kosovo and the Western Balkans,” sated the Minister Pacolli. In the following, he also expressed his conviction that as the Republic of Kosovo fulfilled 95 required criteria, the European Parliament and the EU Council of Internal Affairs Ministers will give the green light for waiving visa regime to the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, by putting an end to Kosovo isolation.

Whereas, in relation to the dialogue, which is taking place in Brussels with our northern neighbouring country, the Chief Diplomat Pacolli stated that he was constantly supporting dialoguing and resolving bilateral neighbouring problems in a peaceful manner.   

He further stated that he is against territorial changes and exchanges and in favour of approximating economic areas, through which the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo – regardless of ethnicity – will be provided a clear perspective of creating new jobs.

In the presence of a numerous diplomats, politicians, MPs, academics and journalists, the Minister Pacolli spoke about all relevant aspects, which characterised the state-building of the Republic of Kosovo, in particular from the time of declaring the independence.

The Foreign Minister together with the Deputy Minister, Rejhan Vuniqi, are staying in Vienna in order to participate to the joint meeting of the EU Foreign Ministers with their counterparts from the Western Balkans. The Minister Pacolli will also conduct a number of meetings with his counterparts from the EU and the region.   


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