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Frankenstein brings back Ilir Bokshi at the National Theater of Tirana

Frankenstein, based on the work of Mary Shelley and dramatized by Tim Kelly, is the most recent production of the National Theatre of Tirana, which brings back in Tirana the director, Ilir Bokshi, after previously performing the Oedipus the King at the stage of this theatre in 2013.


 The play will be premiered on 13, 14 and 15 April at 19:00h, writes Shqip. The cast includes Helidon Fino, Besmir Bitraku, Lulzim Zeqja, Yllka Mujo, Klea Huta, Gent Hazizi, Erjona Kakeli and Niada Saliasi. Dramatized by Mary Shelley's novel, Tim Kelly's adaptation is distinguished from dozens of other film and stage adaptations because while being loyal to the original novel, the play comes in a completely special genre, where the comic and the tragic are neatly intertwined. 

Scenography: Petrit Bakalli, Costumes: Vese Kraja, Music: Art Lokaj, Mask: Jacopo Tomassini, Assistant Director: Algiona Aga, Translator: Shkëlzen Berisha. 

Victor Frankenstein is a man consumed by science and biology, whose life's passion has been to discover the cause of life. After constant effort and experimentation, he finally discovered a way to revive dead human tissue. He has, in short, been able to create life by sewing together a macabre collection of human parts and, by using his special process, he has brought to life a creature made of human parts but yet not human. 

It is interesting that, in folk culture, Frankenstein is the name that reflects the monster, and many probably do not know Frankenstein is the scientist and not the monster. However, there are some who would say that Frankenstein, because of his moral view and because of what he managed to create, is as monstrous as the creature he has created. The actors have long ago begun acting exercises to bring this work into the stage. 

Source: https://www.koha.net/kulture/85221/frankenshtain-rikthen-ilir-bokshin-ne-teatrin-kombetar-te-tiranes/

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