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Hoxhaj talks with the foreign Minister of France, requests support to release Haradinaj

Prishtina, 5 January 2017 – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, had a long telephone conversation with the foreign Minister of France, Jean-Marc Ayrault, regarding the detention of former Prime Minister of Kosovo and the President of AAK, Ramush Haradinaj, by the French police.

Minister Hoxhaj informed in detail his French counterpart on the situation created, saying that Serbian arrest warrants are unacceptable and non valid for the citizens of Kosovo.

Hoxhaj stated that Haradinaj is innocent and Serbia's efforts are politically motivated.

“I had a long telephone conversation with my French counterpart, where I explained the situation created and the absurdity of these claims by Serbia, which for us are unacceptable. I asked for support to release Mr. Haradinaj as soon as possible, and I believe that this will happen. The telephone call is in the wake of intensive efforts that are made by Kosovo institutions, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic service to release Mr. Haradinaj”, said Hoxhaj.

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