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Minister Hoxhaj expects Norway's support for country’s economic development

Prishtina, 14 February 2017 - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj has met his Norwegian counterpart, Børge Brende.

By expressing his gratitude towards the continuous support of Norway to Kosovo in its state building process, Minister Hoxhaj also stated that the Norwegian state remains an important partner of the Republic of Kosovo, which it continues to further support in its consolidation of statehood and international subjectivity.

On this occasion, Minister Hoxhaj has indicated that he and Minister Brende have discussed on the possibilities of enhancing cooperation between the two countries in various fields such as economy, on the issue of security and in the process of international recognition of Kosovo's independence and its membership in international organizations.

“We have discussed on the way of increasing possibilities of economic cooperation and of having investors from this country. This is why in the future we will organize a joint economic forum with the aim of attracting investments from Norway”, stated Minister Hoxhaj.

Minister Hoxhaj also said that thanks to the continuous support from Norway, Kosovo remains a factor of stability, security and peace in the region. And he added that he has asked for help from his counterpart for developing contractual agreements between Kosovo and NATO.

Minister Hoxhaj stated that Kosovo expects that this state continues to further support Kosovo during the application process in international organizations and also expects to benefit from the Norwegian experience for sovereignty extension through membership.

On the other hand, upon reminding his country's continuous support to the Republic of Kosovo, Minister Brende stated that Norway is a strong supporter of Kosovo's agenda. As a member state of NATO, he said that Norway is concerned for the Western Balkans and according to what he said this country aims to be a partner in increasing the stability in this part of the region.

As for the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Minister Brende concluded that it is a very important process and that Norway fully supports this process.


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