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Senior Officers of the MFA from Kosovo and Albania discussed on simplification of consular joint issues

 Prishtina, April 27, 2017 – High representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo have hosted to the meeting the heads of the MFA of the Republic of Albania, with whom they discussed on topics of common interest related to consular services of both countries.


The heads of Departments of Consular Affairs of the two countries, in the presence of Ambassador Qemail Minxhozi from Albania, and the Secretary General of the MFA Fitim Sadiku and the Director General of the MFA, Ambassador Albert Prenkaj, have addressed various issues, such as shortening of procedures of returning drivers licenses to Kosovo citizens as well as the residence permit of citizens of Kosovo and Albania. 

While in continuation of the inter-ministerial cooperation, where the issue of joint consulates is set at the level of foreign ministers Enver Hoxhaj and Ditmir Bushati, representatives of the two ministries agreed on the operationalization of political decisions for the general consulates in Munich, Milano, Bari and Istanbul, for which are signed and will be signed protocols on the minister level.

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