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Hoxhaj meets the Mayor of Ulcinj, congratulates the Albanian Municipality of Tuz

Ulcinj, 01 July 2017 – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj met the Mayor of Ulcinj, Nazif Cungu and the only Albanian MP in the Montenegrin Parliament, Genc Nimanbegu.

Hoxhaj congratulated Mayor Cungu and MP Nimanbegu for contributing to the establishment of the Municipality of Tuz, in which reside many Albanian. 

“The establishment of the Albanian Municipality of Tuz is a good news for all Albanians in the region, knowing that now our compatriots living in Tuz will be able to choose local institutions and their representatives who will work for the sole purpose of improving the lives of citizens”, said Hoxhaj. 

At this meeting, Hoxhaj and Cungu also talked about concrete projects related to cooperation between the Municipality of Ulcinj and municipalities in Kosovo, where Hoxhaj expressed the support of the Foreign Ministry.  


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