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Foreign Minister Pacolli: French support for Kosovo continues, we expect increased investment

Paris, 8 November 2017 – „ Come to Kosovo, in the country of a wonderful youth, but in need of hope, in a country that traditionally, in its education, and its culture that has been oriented towards France. President Macron's words about the integration of the Western Balkans have been hopeful for us, "said Foreign Minister Pacolli to Minister for European Affairs at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ms. Nathalie Loiseau during their meeting in Quai d’Orsay.

He then demanded the increase of the French economic presence in the mining, energy sector, and particularly in agriculture. "I personally have encouraged the arrival of a large company like Candia, which produces milk and its sub-products," said Minister Pacolli, an invitation that was appreciated by his interlocutor.

In continuation, Minister Pacolli informed the French minister with the positive efforts of the new government, where AKR had an unlocking role, and then with the prospect of Kosovo's international integration, for which he sought assistance from France; as well as for Kosovo's approach to dialogue with Serbia. 

Further, Minister Pacolli said that France should help us for visa liberalization, to expand the recognitions for the state of Kosovo, where it played a key role, as well as to assist Kosovo to gain membership in international organizations.

From her side, Minister Loiseau praised the establishment of the new Kosovo government, and encouraged for a stronger role in European integration in fulfilling the conditions "that sometimes may be harsh, as a result of populist pressure on our public opinion "Said Minister Loiseau.

She also called for government's attention to French entrepreneurs, as well as for expanding and protecting the teaching of the French language.

France will be undeniable ally for Kosovo, for its European integration, for dialogue with Serbia, for recognitions of citizenship and in every other progressive process, the Minister Loiseau re-confirmed the French position towards Kosovo.

Since the declaration of Kosovo's independence, France has strongly supported the expansion of Kosovo's recognition, the state-building process internally, and has given great support to Kosovo's efforts to join the multilateral international organizations, as was the case with the decisive role that France had for Kosovo's membership in the International Francophone Organization. 

France and Kosovo maintain a close dialogue and coordinate and work together on various issues, including the bilateral and multilateral ones. 

The Kosovar-French strategic partnership includes, but is not limited to, security and defense, economy, education and culture.

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