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  • 08 November 2017

Minister Pacolli at the National Assembly of France: France interested in economic, educational and cultural cooperation

Paris, 8 November 2017 - The warm atmosphere and much attention, even for details, to Kosovo and the possibilities for enhancing and expanding cooperation between the two countries characterized the meeting between the First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli, on the one hand and the France-Kosovo Friendship Group on the other side at the French National Assembly, as the group was composed of its president, Bruno Questel, and other group members, Mr Joachim Son Forget, Mrs Isabelle Rauch and Mrs Laurence Trastour Isnart.

By discussing with concrete examples on the possibilities of cooperation at the economic and potential level offered by our country, Minister Pacolli asked the MPs to become catalysts in setting a new dynamic in relations between the two countries. 

"We should look forward to changing the model. Not to have a model where the investor comes, invests and leaves, but one where the investor builds long-term cooperation formulas with local producers", said Foreign Minister Pacolli.

Agricultural production, light industry, tourism and innovation were the areas where discussion among interlocutors was focused on. 

Further on, Minister Pacolli spoke about the need for advancing educational exchanges and creating bridges of friendship through art. In this context, he mentioned the exhibition with the works of prominent Kosovar artist Simon Shiroka, which is expected to be inaugurated tomorrow in Paris and will remain open by the end of the month.
“Let's celebrate the 10th Anniversary” was the joint conclusion, whereby both sides then provided different ideas for deepening cooperation for the jubilee year of Kosovo's independence. 

Support for correcting "the undeserved injustice" towards Kosovo, as Minister Pacolli described as the non-liberalization of visas for Kosovo citizens, was another specific request to the friendship group. 

Underlining the fact that "freedom of movement is a fundamental human right", however, the French MPs expressed their hesitations on the influx of economic asylum seekers which could be generated by the eventual removal of the visa regime. 

From his side, Foreign Minister Pocolli presented his compelling arguments on why these hesitations should fade, adding that there should be a two-sided effort: First: to convince Europe that Kosovars urgently need a free movement within the continent where they naturally belong to, and the second: to convince Kosovars to exercise this right properly. 

"Europe will only benefit from the energy of Kosovo's new and open-minded population; Europe should not see us as a burden but rather as complementary part of it", underlined Minister Pacolli.

From his side, Mr Questel found it particularly important and hopeful that the Kosovo authorities firmly declare their reference to the values of enlightenment where France is the first signatory. 

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