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Foreign Minister Pacolli gathers Wikipedians, so that Wikipeadia- the Free Encyclopedia is enriched with hundreds of articles and pictures about Kosovo

Prishtina, 4 February 2018- At the initiative of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli, supported and in organization of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic, during this weekend in Prishtina are gathered tens of Wikipedians, volunteers from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, whereas the next weekend will be more Wikipedians from across Europe in order to enrich Wikipedia- the Free Encyclopedia with articles and pictures about Kosovo.


This activity was organized on the occasion the 10th anniversary of the Kosovo Independence, intended to be extended throughout Kosovo, including new and creative volunteers.

Wikipedia volunteers, through Wiki-Academy Kosovo 2018, only during this weekend have enriched Wikipedia with hundreds of articles and pictures, whereas is expected to be added the same amount in coming days during the upcoming two workshops, which will be held next weekend, i.e. 10 and 11 February 2018, at the Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK).

"Since the very first days of my mandate as Foreign Minister, improving my country's image I have placed as one of the top priorities of foreign policy. I have started with the competition for selecting the best pictures for Kosovo promotion, which now in marking the 10th Anniversary of Independence will be exhibited at the Kosovo Embassies all over the world.

My idea in enriching Wikipedia with articles and pictures that are so lacking about our country already become a reality. For this purpose, the ministry that I manage, gathered during this weekend and will re-gather next weekend in Pristina, Wikipedians from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Europe at the workshop Wiki-Academy Kosovo 2018. A fantastic idea on the eve of the tenth anniversary of Kosovo Independence.

I am impressed by the talent and great willingness of our young people to work in this direction. I want, together with You to orient and educate the young generations to build a new Kosovo, where our society is not only the information consumer about our country, but its producer as well," said Foreign Minister Pacolli.

"We owe to Kosovo to present its natural beauties as best as we can, just as God has created them. Let’s promote the rich heritage, built over the centuries. As well as the culture, as is preserved and developed by many generations, the sport that made us proud. In addition, to present our music stars who are idols from the people all over the world," he said.

Wikipedia- the Free Encyclopedia in Albanian is ranked at 71st place, having about 72,000 articles, whereas the languages of other countries in the region are ranked higher in the list and they are much richer.

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