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MFA, an address of activities, meetings with high-ranking dignitaries for the 10th anniversary of Independence

Tens of meetings of the number two of the Government and the Chief Diplomat Pacolli with delegations from different parts of the globe; publication of two books: one with the signatories of the Declaration of Independence and the other with the ICJ ruling. The President and Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, the President of Albania, former Presidents from the region, former Chief Administrators of Kosovo, Members of Parliament, signatories of the Declaration of Independence, all present in the new lobby of the MFA

Prishtina, 19 February 2018 – Within the official activities for the 10th anniversary of Independence, the Foreign Ministry played a major role in organizing tens of bilateral meetings, promoting two books on the Declaration of Independence and on the ICJ Ruling on Kosovo, as well as other official ceremonies.

The agenda of the Chief Diplomat Pacolli on the day of the celebrations began with the realization of his interview with the largest Spanish agency EFE. In this interview, which has been echoing in the Hispanic world, Minister Pacolli urged Spanish investors to come and invest in Kosovo, as Minister Pacolli underlined, “Kosovars love Spain, its culture and sports”

During the whole day yesterday, the Chief of Kosovar Diplomat Behgjet Pacolli held separate meetings with former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoÄŸlu, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Marshall Islands Parliament, Senator Maynard Alfred, United Arab Emirates delegation, led by Assistant Foreign Minister Jaqoub Alhosani, with Bangladeshi State Minister, Shahriar Alam, Head of Cabinet of President of Guinea Bisseau, Honorary Consul of Kosovo in Japan, and Special Adviser to Prime Minister Abe, Isao Lijima, the Japanese state delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister Manabu Horri, Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkey, Ambassador Ahmet Yildiz, and many other friends and officials who played an important role in the state-building process of Kosovo. 

Furthermore, the Foreign Minister Pacolli, as a signatory of the Declaration of Independence, in the capacity of the MP initiated the publication of a book on the Declaration of Independence, which he promoted in the newly renovated MFA lobby. 

Similarly, sensing the need for a publication with the arguments on the pro-legitimacy of Kosovo's Independence, during his lobbying activity, Minister Pacolli urged the publication of a book, in English, on the ICJ opinion. 

Both books were promoted in the presence of the President of Kosovo, the Speaker of the Assembly, the President of Albania, the former Presidents from the region, the former Kosovo Chief Administrators, the Members of Parliament, signatories of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the representatives of Kosovo at the ICJ. 

The number two of the Government, in a sign of respect and gratitude for their contribution, hosted a dinner, in his home, for all the distinguished guests who participated in the celebration of the tenth anniversary of Kosovo's Independence. 

The former Presidents, Mesic, Mejdani, Sejdiu, President Meta with his spouse, Diplomats, Ambassadors from many countries of the world and other guests celebrated the jubilee year of Independence as special guests of Foreign Minister Pacolli.

During the course of the present day, the number one of Kosovo’s diplomacy had special meetings with Estonia’s non-residential ambassador to Kosovo in Vienna, Eve Kulli Kala, and with the Ambassador of Sultanate of Oman, in London, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Zahiri Al-Hinai.

In the first meeting, it was discussed about the possibilities of economic cooperation, as well as the continuation of Estonia's support for Kosovo on the European path and membership in international organizations. 

In the meanwhile, in the meeting with the Ambassador of Sultanate of Oman in London, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Zahiri Al-Hinai, Minister Pacolli received the Sultan of Oman’s congratulations for the 10th anniversary of Independence and the readiness of this state to intensify economic and governmental relations. “I requested from the Oman's Sultanate diplomat that cooperation between the two countries reaches a higher level, commencing with the establishment of diplomatic relations”, said Minister Pacolli.  


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