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Foreign Minister Pacolli: Switzerland will continue to strongly support Kosovo; we oppose the idea of exchange of territories in the Balkans

Prishtina, 21 February 2018 – “We convey special gratitude to Switzerland, as a country that has historically supported Kosovo. The former Swiss President Micheline Calmy Rey has previously urged that Kosovo became independent and she has a place in the modern history of Kosovo”, said Foreign Minister, Behgjet Pacolli, to the Swiss Deputy State Secretary, Krystyna Marty Lang, in a meeting held today in Prishtina.

During the meeting with the high Swiss diplomat, in the framework of politic consultations between the two countries, it has been discussed about the bilateral cooperation and the new initiatives for the intensification of this cooperation. 

Minister Pacolli notified his interlocutor with the latest developments in Kosovo, in connection to the Specialist Chambers, Draft-law on Demarcation, etc. 

The high Swiss diplomat, accompanied by the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in Kosovo, Jean-Hubert Lebet, congratulated Minister Pacolli on the 10th anniversary of Kosovo’s independence and confirmed the Switzerland’s good will to continue with the strong support. 

Speaking of talks with Serbia, she highlighted that Switzerland opposes any idea of exchange of territories in the Balkans, an opinion which was supported by Minister Pacolli, who stated that “this idea would bring forth the opening of Pandora’s Box in our region’. 

During the meeting, Minister Pacolli sought support for bringing to Kosovo the Swiss model of the functioning of municipalities.  


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