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Minister of Foreign Affairs Pacolli congratulates Kuwait on National Day, pledges to organize Economic Forum and to accredit the Ambassador within this year

Prishtina, 26 February 2018 – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Behgjet Pacolli, congratulated the representatives of Kuwait's institutions and people on the occasion of marking their National Day, while pledged to organize the Economic Forum and to accredit the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to this country within this year


"While your institutions and people mark the 57th anniversary of the National Day, I want to extent, in these special moments of national pride for you and your country, the most sincere congratulations on behalf of the President, Government and people of Kosovo. Since Independence, your country has made great steps on the path towards progress and prosperity", said in his congratulatory note the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pacolli. Furthermore, he expressed the readiness to expand and deepen the bilateral co-operation. "We remain open and ready to deepen the cooperation between two countries and two peoples. I would like to re-emphasize our earlier commitment to organize the Economic Forum between the two countries during this year, from which we expect to have an increase of Kuwait's investments in Kosovo. Also, during the first half of this year we will accredit our Ambassador in Kuwait. I want to thank, in particular, Kuwait state institutions for the warm reception and the excellent organization of the Ministerial Meeting of the Global Coalition against ISIS, which was held during this month" said Kosovo's chief diplomat Pacolli.  

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