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Foreign Minister Pacolli in Japan: We offer a Free Economic Zone in a region where, together with Albania, we represent an attractive centre for your investment and technology

Tokyo, 1 March 2018 - “We offer a Free Economic Zone in a region where, together with Albania, we represent an attractive centre for your investment and technology: deep sea ports, convenient road infrastructure and prepared labour force”.


 "Japan has helped us since the day we got liberated, and we need the sincerity, fairness and high quality of the investors from your country", said Kosovo's chief diplomat. 

This is what the Foreign Minister Pacolli told Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hiroshige Sego, during a meeting at the headquarters of this institution in Tokyo. 

"You have helped us since the first day of liberation to this date, with a generous and full assistance in all areas, therefore the Kosovars keep in their hearts the Japanese people", said Kosovo's chief diplomat. 

"Kosovo is in favour of the presence of Japanese entrepreneurs in many areas such as energy, infrastructure, information technologies, agriculture, etc., because, based on my experience,I can say that you will find sincerity, honesty, fairness at Japanese entrepreneurs", he added at his first meeting in the Japan’s capital. 

Further, while telling his host, Minister Seko, a member of the Friendship Group with Kosovo at the Japanese Parliament, about the opportunities offered by Kosovo, First Deputy Prime Minister BehgjetPacolli said: 

"We, together with Albania, with which we basically do not have barriers, offer to Japanese investors an excellent environment for doing business. Albania has deep sea ports and we are connected with Albania through a very good infrastructure. Together, we have a strategic position between Europe and you can export your products without paying taxes to European Union countries. The combination of technology and Japanese brands with the highly-prepared Kosovar labour force guarantees success. We can offer you a Free Economic Zone for investors from your country", said Minister Pacolli to a member of the Japanese Government, Hiroshige Seko. 

On the other hand, Japan's Minister congratulated Mr Pacolli for the 10th anniversary of Kosovo's Independence and expressed the confidence that Mr Pacolli’s visit to Japan, focused on the establishing relations with the business of this powerful country, will be fruitful. 

"We know you have cooperated very successfully with one of my country's companies whose products are destined for export, and we believe that other companies will follow its example", he said. 

After that, Minister Pacolli invited Japan’s Minister to visit Kosovo, while the latter kindly accepted this invitation. 

During this meeting, Kosovo's chief diplomat was accompanied by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kosovo to Japan, Leon Malazogu, for whom, while praising him with some good words, Mr Pacollisaid that should be supported with regard to Kosovo's promotional activities in Japan.

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