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Nothing changes Japan's course towards Kosovo: We will continue to help your country in the future, even to a greater extent!

Tokyo, 1 March 2018 - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, TarōKōno, hosted a working dinner for his counterpart, Kosovo's top diplomat, BehgjetPacolli, accompanied by Minister of Economic Development, ValdrinLluka.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, the world's third-largest economy,TarōKōno, hosts dinner for Kosovo counterpart, BehgjetPacolli, accompanied by Minister of Economic Development, Valdrin Lluka. 

Bilateral relations in terms of economy and other areas were the main focus of this working dinner, which was followed by a special friendly atmosphere afterwards. 

The Japanese host welcomed the Kosovo's readiness to provide Japan with facilities for its investors, such as the establishment of a Free Economic Zone. 

This Free Economic Zone, to the vision of the head of Kosovo diplomacy, should utilize the excellent reputation of Japanese businesses, Kosovo's geographical position, cheap labor force, which is equipped and professionally skilled. 

For the same purpose, Minister Pacolli invited Japanese entrepreneurs to be deployed in Kosovo within the framework of the plan of Japanese Prime Minister Abe for the Balkans, “which is located near the important road corridors, the important ports of Albania and from which you can export to the European Union without any customs burden”. 

In this regard, Minister Kōno said that “a mission of the Japan International Cooperation Agency - JICA will soon visit Kosovo with the aim to give rise to new opportunities for cooperation between the two countries”. 

Furthermore, he praised the successful example of Hirano Company for being the first Japanese investment and which example should be followed by other Japanese investors. 

During dinner, they also talked about cooperation in other areas, such as the cooperation in the framework of the International Organizations, the regional plan of the respective countries, etc. 

Deputy Prime minister of the Government of Kosovo, Mr. Pacolli, invited his Japanese counterpart to visit Kosovo, our country which, since the end of the war, has benefited from the generous extraordinary support from Japanese taxpayers. 

“We admire Japan for its success in technology, cinematography, sports, etc.” said Minister Pacolli. 

“The Kosovo youth learned Judo by watching the achievements of Japanese people in this sport, where today there are champions who always receive help from Japan” he added, in order to illustrate the popularity of the great Asian state in the youth of Kosovo and in its society in general. 

On this meeting, the benchmarks for co-operation between the two countries in the near future were set.

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