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Weeks of Francophone begin in Kosovo

Prishtina, 7 March 2018 - The celebration of the Weeks of Francophone in Kosovo has started, as this event is celebrated annually in March in more than 70 countries around the world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, as a local coordinator of Francophone in Kosovo, together with the diplomatic representations of France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland and the Alliance Française de Prishtina, today have officially launched the Weeks of Francophone which are marked from 7 March until 31 March 2018



 On the occasion of opening the Weeks of Francophone in Kosovo, Deputy Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Rejhane Vuniqi, said that it is a pleasure for her to celebrate the International Francophone Day which is being launched today and will be celebrated throughout the month with numerous cultural activities. 

"I thank the Embassy of France, the Embassy of Switzerland, the Embassy of Luxembourg, the Belgium Liaison Office, the European Commission and especially the Alliance Française de Prishtina for their hard work to offer the Kosovar society a program of films, theatrical performances, conferences, literary meetings, concerts, etc. which decorate this country with the beautiful sounds of French", said Deputy Minister Vuniqi. 

She said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is committed to supporting the activities within the Weeks of Francophone and will continue to be a strong partner in supporting projects promoting Francophone values, culture and languages. 

"I take the opportunity to once again congratulate the University of Prishtina's membership at the Francophone University Association in 2017 and the opening of the Francophone University Centre which was inaugurated a month ago. Moreover, we recall that in 2017 was opened the first Francophone School in Kosovo, which has received 22 students since September 2017, and offers quality education based on the accredited French national curricula. I hope this school continues working successfully and produces as many young Kosovar Francophones as possible. I would also like to highlight the cooperation in the field of economic development and businesses through the Francophone Business Club in Kosovo - KOCAF, established in 2017 in order to intensify the economic ties between the Francophone countries and Kosovo as well as to facilitate the Kosovar investment projects in Francophone countries and in Francophone businesses in Kosovo", said Vuniqi. 

Deputy Minister Vuniqi said that Kosovo is proud of its status as an observer at the International Organization of La Francophone since 2014 and is strongly committed to further deepen the cooperation with the Organization and its member states. She recalled that Kosovo acknowledged recognition by the state of Madagascar at the Ministerial Conference of the Francophone held in Paris in November 2017. 

On the other hand, the Ambassador of France to Kosovo, HE Mr Didier CHABERT, thanked everyone for their contribution to the organization of the Weeks of Francophone in Kosovo, praising Kosovo's efforts for the activities, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while adding that the presence of the Deputy Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Rejhane Vuniqi, shows the dedication and commitment this Ministry has. 

The diplomats of Switzerland and Belgium also expressed their gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, respectively to Deputy Minister Vuniqi for the commitment to support this event. 

During this month, there will be various artistic and cultural events that will enable the public to closely see the dynamism of the Francophone network and the heritage of French language and Francophone culture. The two major events expected to take place are "Week of Taste" and "Spring of Poets". 

Kosovo is a member of the International Organization of La Francophone since 2014.


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