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Every UN Member State is important for the Republic of Kosovo

Prishtina, 7 March 2018 - The process of recognition has shown that the state of Kosovo is an irreversible reality and an indispensable factor of peace and stability in the region. This is best demonstrated by the fact of official recognition of Kosovo by all neighbouring countries (except Serbia), the great majority of countries in the region, of the Euro-Atlantic community and other countries belonging to different international communities and UN members. Recognition of Kosovo fulfils the recognising of the citizenship of its citizens after violation and abusing of human rights, burning land policy and ethnic cleansing.


 The independence of Kosovo is a proof of maintaining peace and regional security! The so far achievements in the international arena are a merit of the proactive and dynamic diplomacy of the Republic of Kosovo, but it should not be forgotten that it is undeniable merit of our partners, who have supported and lobbied for new recognitions. Our efforts to complete international recognition should focus on engaging in a dialogue with states that have not yet recognized the Republic of Kosovo, both in Europe and in geography and other hemispheres of the globe. Kosovo's recognition by EU Member States is a fair decision, and it is in the interest of European stability and unity, and above all, it has no implications for their internal affairs. 

Also for Kosovo, which continuously increases its efforts to join the UN and its agencies, it is important to continue the dialogue with all UN Member States, whether large or small, regardless of their size of territory, demography, their military or economic power. One of the fundamental values of the Foreign Policy of the Republic of Kosovo is the sovereignty and territorial integrity deriving from the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and the respecting of international law, as a universal value. The UN Charter is based on the same universal values on which the Republic of Kosovo is based. Gradual recognition by EU, UN and NATO Member States raises the affinity of Kosovo's membership in essential organizations that guarantee international security and cooperation, peace, democracy, human rights, community rights, respect for cultural diversity, freedom of expression, media freedom, market economy, sustainable development, respecting of international law. 

Therefore, we are aware that battles installed by Serbia are in the service of weakening the position of the Republic of Kosovo in the international arena, questioning its sovereignty and prejudicing the position of our country in the processes that are ahead of us. The role of the Foreign Policy of the Republic of Kosovo is to assist the Government in its efforts to be successful on the international arena. In reality, this implies that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assists in the implementation of governmental programs and sectorial strategies of particular ministries, by using the means of public diplomacy and the external representation network, as well as through the internal resources of the ministry. 

In this regard, the duty of foreign policy is: 

• Protection of Kosovo's statehood, sovereignty and territorial integrity; 

• Getting of new recognitions by individual states, international recognition and membership in the United Nations Organization; 

• Political advancement and socio-economic development through the accession of Kosovo to the European Union; 

• Protection of Kosovo from external dangers through membership in NATO; 

• Maintaining of constructive neighbouring relations in the region through principled dialogue; 

• Maintaining of special relationship with the EU and the US, and with the EU countries; 

• Giving our contribution to Global Matters, Human Rights, Peace, Development and Democracy. 

For the Republic of Kosovo, each system of values cultivated within each UN Member State is essential to approximate the system of values that is cultivated in our country and are part of our Constitution.

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