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Foreign Minister Pacolli hosted his Croatian counterpart Pejcinovic-Buric: Croatia is a strong supporter of Kosovo’s Euro-Atlantic integration and membership in international organizations

Prishtina, 14 March 2018 – First Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Foreign Affairs, Behgjet Pacolli, hosted in a meeting his Croatian counterpart, the Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marija Pejcinovic-Buric, while they discussed on enhancing cooperation between the two countries.



 At the joint press conference, Foreign Minister Pacolli assessed that Croatia has been and will continue to be a strong supporter of Kosovo's Euro-Atlantic integration and membership in international organizations. Kosovo's chief diplomat said that they talked about the overall cooperation between the two countries, with special emphasis on the need to enhance the economic and trade cooperation since, as according to him, Croatia can provide much of its experience, while Kosovo provides excellent conditions and human resources for Croatian economic partners. 

"Relations between Kosovo and Croatia are excellent. Croatia has always been a strong supporter of Kosovo and will be so in the future as well", said Foreign Minister Pacolli. 

During the meeting, they also discussed about Bosnia and Herzegovina, as his Croatian counterpart Pejcinovic-Buric has promised to make efforts for enabling free movement of citizens of both countries. 

While talking about overall developments within the country, Croatian Deputy Prime Minister & Foreign Minister Pejcinovic-Buric praised Kosovo's achievements and promised that the Croatian state will continue its support to Kosovo. 

"Kosovo has achieved a lot of progress, it is a respected state, but challenges remain. Croatia is ready to help Kosovo overcome these challenges", she said, adding that "the two countries have excellent political relations", meanwhile she emphasized the need for enhanced economic cooperation. 

In this regard, she also mentioned certain areas such as energy, telecommunications, etc. where both countries can cooperate. 

In addition, the Croatian chief diplomat also spoke about minority rights in Croatia, meanwhile has called for the advancement of the rights of Croats living in Kosovo. 

In the end, Pejcinovic-Buric expressed Croatia's commitment to help Kosovo in its path of Euro-Atlantic integration, assist Kosovo's membership in international organizations and provide assistance in the process of rapid visa liberalization for Kosovo's citizens.


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