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Minister of Foreign Affairs Pacolli meets the Minster of State for Europe and Americas Dunkan, expressing him support for Great Britain in the crisis with Russia

Sarajevo, 16 March 2018 – In the framework of the joint meeting of foreign ministers of Western Balkans with senior heads of the European Commission and Great Britain in Sarajevo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli, also met with British Minister of State for Europe and Americas, Alan Dunkan.

 “At lunch, provided by the Bosnian counterpart in Sarajevo, I expressed support to the British Minister of State for Europe and the Americas for the UK in the crisis with Russia, like all other Balkan colleagues", said Foreign Minister Pacolli. 

Further, speaking of regional co-operation, he emphasized the need to have concrete results from political meetings rather than simply photos or discussions. 

“I asked for Serbia to have a more constructive approach to Kosovo, which is already a consolidated state reality recognized by 117 states, member of over 60 regional and global organizations. I invited Ivica Dacic not to weary in my footsteps anywhere in the globe to prevent our work from being recognized, because it is wasted energy. I told him that we should look to the future, because young people, especially those born after the war, are interested in free movement and want a final peace", further stated the head of Kosovo diplomacy. 

Speaking of joint projects linking nations and communities in the Balkans, the head diplomat of Kosovo has sought to work in restoring the old communications routes on railways, roads, etc. and to build new roads as there is interest from Japan and China for these links. 

“I called on the Bosnian counterpart to put an end to the existing reality when thousands of Kosovars of Bosnian origin, as well as their brothers or family members in Bosnia, should run to Tirana, Skopje or Zagreb to get visas, spending too much", stressed Minister Pacolli.


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