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“Vote the demarcation, let's continue with good neighborly relations”, was the European message to Kosovo during the warm and friendly meetings of the Minister with his interlocutors

Brussels, 20 March 2018 - Following the speech at the Foreign Parliamentary Committee, the Foreign Minister, Behgjet Pacolli, held various meetings. Igor Soltes, Rapporteur on Kosovo in the European Parliament, hosted a lunch in honor of Minister Pacolli. Afterward, the Minister had a meeting with the member of European Parliament, also a Rapporteur on Kosovo, Tanja Fajon.


 The Foreign Minister Pacolli meets with deputies of European Institutions. 

The meeting was mainly focused on the issue of moving forward with visa liberalization. Among others, it was also discussed on demarcation, dialogue with Serbia, economic development. 

Ms. Fajon expressed the will to support Kosovo at this stage of development, thus remaining a great friend of Kosovo. 

In this series of meetings, Minister Pacolli met with one of the leaders of the People's Parliamentary Group, the Deputy Chairperson, Andrej Kovacev. “Bulgaria will continue to support Kosovo, as it did since the independence until today when it holds the rotating EU presidency”, said Andrej Kovacev to Minister Pacolli. “I show my highest gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the Bulgarian support, despite the delicate position this country has in the region”, said Kosovo's top diplomat to the MEP. 

It was also discussed about the bilateral relations, demarcation vote in the Parliament, Kosovo's relations with its neighbors and the treatment of minorities in Kosovo. 

Then, Minister Pacolli met the Chairperson of the ALDE Group in the European Parliament, Mr. Hans Van Baalen and Mr. Ilhan Kyuchyuk, Vice President of this Group. “We are proud that a large part of Kosovo's government is liberal”, said the Chairperson of this ally group of AKR and friend of Kosovo. 

He asked Minister Pacolli for the economy, with particular emphasis on Kosovo's exports, and the head of Kosovo's diplomacy informed him about some of the key characteristics of today's development trends in the country. The minister urged the interlocutors help against EU countries that did not recognize Kosovo, taking the promise of their engagement in this direction.

The economic diplomacy is important in addition to the traditional one, as it produces tangible results from citizens, and in this context, Minister Pacolli met with directors of a large German company, who were interested in relocating their own factory in Kosovo. Mr. Pacolli encouraged them to come to Kosovo since our business environment is very positive.


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