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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo and number two of Government of Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli meets at the Egmont Palace, his Belgian counterpart, Didier Reynders

Brussels, 21 March 2018 - The second day of the visit of Mr Behgjet Pacolli in Brussels began with a friendly and hearty meeting at the Egmont Palace with his counterpart, Belgium's Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Didier Reynders. Some of the topics discussed between the two ministers were how to intensify bilateral relations, especially in the field of trade exchange; regional developments and cooperation for the purpose of Kosovo's membership in international organizations. Minister Pacolli informed his counterpart about the economic developments of the country, treatment of minorities in Kosovo, the progress of the dialogue with Serbia, and so on. The Belgian Chief Diplomat was interested in specific aspects of this dialogue, relations with EULEX and the transformation path of the Kosovo Security Force.

 The two interlocutors expressed the will to enhance the co-operation in the field of trade exchange, which is currently at a low level. "We need from Belgium to continue their assistance", said Minister Pacolli, who identified several areas of priority cooperation, especially in international integration, UNESCO, Interpol, recognitions in the area of Africa, etc.. 

Minister Reynders, informed Mr Pacolli with a new initiative of the BENELUX countries towards the Western Balkan countries. The Belgian Chief Diplomat stated that very soon, there will be visits of their foreign ministers and a joint summit between the heads of state of the two regions. Then the host gave a tour of Egmont Palace to Mr. Pacolli, a 16th-century building, and promised that soon he will pay a visit to Kosovo. 

Very good bilateral relations, but we need to increase the level of cooperation in trade and to coordinate the efforts regarding the recognitions, were the conclusions of the meeting held between the two chief diplomats of the two countries.


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