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Deputy Foreign Minister Ms Vuniqi at the Kosovo-Turkey Economic Summit in Bursa invites businessmen to invest in Kosovo

Bursa, 23 March 2018 – Kosovo as a young and dynamic country offers a number of comparative advantages such as the young and well-qualified population, natural resources, favorable climatic conditions, infrastructure, fiscal policies with the lowest tax rates in the region, geographical position with access to the regional market of CEFTA, EU and other markets. Therefore, I take the opportunity to invite Bursa businessmen to invest in Kosovo because in doing so you will be able to export your products to the world's largest markets


 This was the message of the Deputy Foreign Minister Rejhan Vuniqi at the Kosovo-Turkey Economic Summit, which was held in Bursa. 

“The city of Bursa, in addition to contributing to the development of the economy of Turkey, also contributes today to the economic relations between Kosovo and Turkey. This city can serve as a reference and model in the economic development of Kosovo municipalities. Work culture, engagement in the field of vocational training of young people, performance in the field of industry and the service sector, make us look closely and delight the features of this beautiful city. We also appreciate the initiatives of this city to develop cooperation with Kosovo”, stated Deputy Minister Vuniqi. 

Further on, she mentioned the very good relations between the two countries and their people that should influence the further expansion of this cooperation. 

“In addition to the very good political and economic relations, there are also cultural and historical links between the two states. Many people from both Turkey and Kosovo have relatives in the other country. Our social dynamics make us become closer and closer. Kosovars who have migrated to Turkey, the Turkish community to Kosovo, and in fact all Kosovars, have a special importance in developing relations between the two countries”, said Ms Vuniqi. 

Further on, she thanked the Turkish state for their contribution to the stability, development and promotion of Kosovo in the international arena as well as in the journey of our country towards Euro-Atlantic integration.


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