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Foreign Minister Pacolli hosts in a meeting his counterpart from Austria, Dr Karin Kneissl

Prishtina, 26 March 2018 – The strong Austrian support to Kosovo has been proven throughout history and as such will further continue in terms of the issues related to bilateral and multilateral relations.

 Minister Pacolli: Austria's support to Kosovo remains steadfast, while we expect increased investments from Austrian companies. 

This is what Kosovo's chief diplomat Behgjet Pacolli said during a meeting with his counterpart from Austria, the Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, Karin Kneissl. 

"I had a very important meeting with Karin Kneissl, Austria's Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs. We stressed the historically excellent and special relations between the two countries and the two nations. We reconfirmed that Austrian support to Kosovo will be continuous and inclusive starting from the accelerated visa liberalization, membership to international organizations, integration into Euro-Atlantic structures, lobbying to the five EU member states that do not recognize Kosovo, and with regard to the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia", said Foreign Minister Pacolli. 

Further, considering the fact that Austria will take over the EU Rotating Presidency from June this year, Minister Pacolli asked Austria's chief diplomat to further increase the support for the integration of countries of Southeast Europe into the EU, especially for Kosovo, while she kindly accepted to provide this support. 

Deepening and expanding the economic cooperation was the other topic discussed between the two interlocutors. 

"Austria should be one of the biggest investors in Kosovo, as it already is in several countries in Southeast Europe", said Minister Pacolli. 

Even the Austrian Foreign Minister Kneissl made generally positive assessments of the level of economic cooperation between the two countries, thanking all the Austrian businesses that have invested so far in Kosovo. 

The institutions of the Republic of Kosovo estimate that investments from Austria to Kosovo until March 2017 have reached an amount of EUR 227.9 million. 

While talking about cooperation in the field of security, respectively the process of transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into the Kosovo Armed Forces, Minister Kneissl said that this process is supported by Austria and assessed the progress achieved in this regard by Kosovo as very positive, in particular in terms of the recruitment of members of minority communities.


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