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Press Release

Prishtina, 26 March 2018 – Just when the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia entered a final phase of the dialogue for reaching a Legally-Binding Agreement/Peace Treaty between the two countries, the illegal entry of senior Serbian officials into the territory of the Republic of Kosovo is a provocation, an attempt to escalate the situation on the ground in order to strengthen the position in the talks, and a clear attempt to deteriorate inter-ethnic relations.


 In the framework of the EU-facilitated dialogue, the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia have reached an Agreement which explicitly specifies the rules and procedures for visits of senior officials from both respective countries. 

Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that today's illegal entry of senior officials from the northern neighbour was a serious violation not only of Kosovo's sovereignty and territorial integrity but also of the Brussels Agreement. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs remains committed to developing dialogue, further promoting the good neighbourly relations, strengthening the peace and stability in the Western Balkans region and improving the well-being of all citizens regardless of ethnicity, nevertheless, it will not be silent and tolerate such behaviour. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the Quint Member States, the European Union and the international community in general to urge the Serbian state refrain from provocative policies and actions aimed at deteriorating and destabilizing the situation.

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