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Foreign Minister Mr Pacolli congratulates Israel on the 70th anniversary of Independence and calls upon re-considering Kosovo's recognition

Prishtina, 15 April 2018 – Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli has sent out the warmest congratulations to the people and representatives of the state of Israel on the occasion of the 70th jubilee anniversary of Independence, calling upon them to reconsider the de jure recognition of Independence of the Republic of Kosovo in the tenth year of its existence as an independent and sovereign state.


 “In this special year of marking the 70th Anniversary of Independence, I would like to send the most sincere congratulations to the people and the leadership of the state of Israel. The coexistence and harmony between Kosovo Albanians and Jews has century-old historical traces in our country, including the glorious period of aid to their salvation during World War II. Relations between our two countries have been steadily rising at the institutional level since the declaration of our independence ten years ago but this may be an important moment to reflect on the de jure recognition of Kosovo. We expect to have Kosovo's representation in Israel in the near future”, stated the Kosovo chief diplomat.

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