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Authorizing public documents issued by institutions of the Republic of Kosovo can be done only in Kosovo, based on the authorizing chain system.

To use Kosovo public documents in other states, Kosovo citizens must do the following: 

-    Verify them in the institution responsible for their issue, 
-    Authorize them in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 
-    Authorize them in the responsible institution of the country where the documentation will be used. (Usually the responsible body is the Embassy of the respective state or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that state).

Authorization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo is done for all public documents which have been previously verified by the responsible body. Until the issuing of another decision, the authorization of documents in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo will be done for free and according to the following details:

The body responsible for authorization 

Department for Consular Issues
Sheshi Nënë Tereza
Ndërtesa e Ish-Gërmisë, zyra AB01
Prishtinë 10000, RKS

Time table

Authorization of documents can be done each working day according to the following time table. We remind you that the period for authorizing documents can change depending on the flux of documents presented to the Department for Consular Issues. The period of authorization can last longer than 3 (three) working days.

Submission of documents for authorization can be made:

In the morning between 08.30 – 10.30 and the afternoon between 13.30 – 14.30

The collection of authorized documents can be done according to the day specified by the responsible official according to this time table:

Morning from 11.00 – 12. 00 and afternoon from 15.00 – 16.00

Important note: 

* The legalization process is done only in the original public documents.

** Legalization of public documents is done for a fee.

*** For legalization of documents must be present the party itself, or a close family member (by blood of the first degree) or the authorized person.

1. Temporary residence for the purpose of family reunification


2. Temporary residence for the purpose of higher education and scientific research


3. Temporary residence permit for the purpose of working within the annual employment quota