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Skender Hyseni

Skender Hyseni

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Skender Hyseni was born on February 17, 1955, in Podujevo.

Primary and secondary school has completed in his hometown, while university studies in Pristina, the Department of English Language and Literature.

After completing university studies Mr. Hyseni his attention has focused on the field of general linguistics and political systems. He stayed for short-term studies in Bloomsburg State College, USA (1978) and the University of Aberdeen, Scotland (1986).

His political commitment Mr. Hyseni began with the establishment of the Democratic League of Kosovo in 1989, to engage in Kosovo Information Center (KIC) in 1992, as a journalist and a translator. He has been one of the editors and co-founder of the Kosova Daily Report (news bulletin in English).

After the election of Dr. Rugova as a president of Kosovo in 1992, Mr. Hyseni joined to his closely team, to become one of his chief advisers on the eve of the Rambouillet Conference, where he was a member of the Kosovo delegation. After the Kosovo war, Mr. Hyseni has continued to be one of the closest associates, as an advisor of the first President Rugova, until the latter's death. There continued to be the main political advisor of President Fatmir Sejdiu as well.

Member of all delegations of Kosovo's status negotiations, Skender Hyseni, also a simultaneously spokesman of Kosovo Negotiation Team, in 2007 elections for the Kosovo Assembly is directly elected member of this Parliament. Meanwhile, in the first session of the assembly, he was elected a Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports.

He is a member of the central Presidency of the Democratic League of Kosovo.
He was a member of the committee for drafting the Constitution of Kosovo Republic, which entered into force on 15th of June 2008.

On 3rd of April 2008, Mr. Hyseni was elected a Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo. The task of the first Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kosovo Republic he has ended on 18th of October 2010. The same year he is elected a deputy and a member of the Foreign Policy Committee in the Assembly of the Kosovo Republic.

On 9th of December 2014, Mr. Hyseni is elected a Minister of Internal Affairs in the Government of the Kosovo Republic, led by Isa Mustafa academic.

Mr.Hyseni is married to Mrs. Drita Hyseni (a School Principal in Pristina) and they have four children: two girls and two boys.