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Department of Economic Diplomacy

Department of Economic Diplomacy (DED):

  • Coordinates and monitors cooperation of national institutions with international economic and financial institutions;
  • Cooperates with line Ministries, in particular respective units on integration, draws up and analyzes the issues of customs, markets, banks and other economic sectors;
  • Orients policies and legal implementation measures in compliance with strategic documents on international cooperation including the process of economic integration of Kosovo into international institutions of economic character; 
  • In cooperation with other relevant institutions, establishes sustainable partnership with investors and an incentive climate for implementation of investment policies.

Güner Ureya
Drejtor i Departamentit për Diplomaci Ekonomike
Tel: + 381 38 200 77 007 (zyrë)
Mobil: + 377 (0) 44 / 222 975
E-mail: guner.ureya@rks-gov.net
Web: www.mfa-ks.net