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Department on Regional Relations

Department on Regional Relations (DRR):

  • Identifies and establishes an archive of official communication and data related to mutual relations with the regional states as well as multilateral relations related to regional organizations and initiatives;
  • Follows Kosovo membership and participation to organizations and regional initiatives;
  • Draws up policies and conducts analyses on the position of Kosovo towards countries of the region;
  • Maintains contacts with representatives of these countries accredited to the Republic of Kosovo;
  • Prioritizes mutual and multilateral regional relations with each of the states of the region and regional organizations and initiatives and provides recommendations on initiatives to mutual and multilateral agreements;
  • Cooperates with the Office of the Prime Minister and line Ministries with regards to the membership of the Republic of Kosovo at regional organizations.

Fitim Gllareva
Email: dcr.mpj@rks-gov.net
Tel: 038 200 77 143